Storytime – imagination!

Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki — great story to start off with since it’s a bit morei involved. The kid’s really seemed to like it and you could tell which of them had pets and saw the similarities between the relationship between the Dragon and the boy and them and their own pets.

Not A Box by Antoinette Portis — I could hear them already getting wiggly (lots of little kids) so I went with this book which I always try to make interactive and have the kids shout out what the bunny is imagining the box to be. Kept some of their attention.

[song]The Irrational Anthem by Jim Gill — great action song, the kids were giggling by the end. Good times. Will def. use this one again!!!

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow by Susan A. Shea; paintings by Tom Slaughter — this was my first storytime using this title and the kids LOVED it! I’m convinced that any time a child is given permission to shout “NO!” they are happy. Great illustrations made it easy for everyone to see.

Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas — Jan Thomas is quickly becoming a storytime favorite of mine and this might be my favorite book so far. I had the kids stand up and we did all the actions the cows did. It’s perfect since the last thing they do is sit down and take a nap. 🙂

What Little Boys Are Made Of by Robert Neubecker — I wanted to feature a little boy because I was worried the next book might turn them off. This book has a lot in common with “Not A Box” in that you can encourage audience participation by asking the kids what the little boy is playing.

Princess Super Kitty by Antoinette Portis — This was a HUGE hit but part of that was because I put on MY OWN Princess Super Kitty outfit as I read the book. I had my ears from Dragon*Con, a towel for a cape, and then my crown (which would be our craft at the end of storytime). Everyone enjoyed the little girl’s antics.

[craft] Decorate a Crown so you can be Prince or Princess Super Kitty at home! (thank you Accu-Cut!). I put out crayons, stickers, and puffy balls for the kids to attach to the crowns. I also had my stapler so they could come to me to have their crown “fitted”. A HUGE HIT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS!

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