I had a mother ask me the other day if she should allow her middle school aged daughter to read Mockingjay, the final installment in The Hunger Games trilogy. I had a few random questions float through my head but I asked the most obvious one – had she read the other two books. The mother said yes, she was just worried because she had heard this one was worse.

I told her to let her daughter read the book.

I mean, she had made it this far, she had survived The Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell, let her read about the rebellion against the Capitol.

Yes, Mockingjay is not the watered down super mega happy ending Rowling I will never forgive you that many children’s series have, but it’s not a children’s book. It’s for young adults. It’s not meant to sugar-coat the world.

And if what I’ve heard about the Divergent series is true, this is going to be the new trend in YA lit, using Science Fiction and Fantasy the way they should be used, to hold a mirror up to our society, not to gaze into the mirror and see what we want most in the world, but to look into it and see reality.

I did suggest that maybe Mom also read the books because there is a lot to discuss. It always boggles my mind that parents are concerned but not *quite* concerned enough to pick up these hot books and read them along with their children and use them as an opportunity for discussion. That’s the way to nurture a reader, to teach kids to think critically about the media they are inundated with every day, to create a thinker and not just a consumer.

…I should really rename this blog “why are you on a soap box”…but whatever, I’m not giving up this sweet URL. 😛


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