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Review: A Big Guy Took My Ball!

A Big Guy Took My Ball!
A Big Guy Took My Ball! by Mo Willems
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. Not my favorite Elephant & Piggie but Mo Willems is like Pixar to me — even his weaker books are still better than most!

Like most of the Elephant & Piggie tales, this story doesn’t end up where you think it will, and I think teaching kids to not always assume and expect things is a good idea. There’s a lot to talk about with a child in these very few pages – you could discuss what to do when you find something unattended, what is a bully, and about confrontation.

Not my favorite of the bunch but still lots of great moments.

Plus, this picture just broke my heart:

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storytime — jungle critters

I Love It When You Smile by Sam McBratney — Good story to start with, I think we actually had a “grumpy Roo” in the room, his brow was furrowed when he arrived with his little sister. The kids thought the mud puddle ending was funny.

I Know a Rhino by Charles Fuge — Cute little rhymes, moves quick, and most of the kids new the animals names.

(song) The Wheels on the Bus by Jane Cabrera — this one was fun. I modified some of the “noises” they made to make it easier for the kids. They had a really good time!

(fingerplay) Five Little Monkeys — found some felt board monkeys and stuck them to our fingerplay glove. I had the kids stand up and jump with me, then we all called the doctor and wagged our fingers. They knew the rhyme already and I think it made them feel good after the tricky “Wheels on the Bus” revision.

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle — classic. They acted out all the movements perfectly and they I told them shout out “I CAN DO IT!” each time.

I Spy with My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs — got them to sit back down and do this one. The older kids knew a lot of the animals and had fun shouting out the answers.

Peek-a-Zoo! by Marie Torres Cimarusti — this book, I want to like it but it never seems to go over as well in storytime. I think it’s because the animals are so uncommon when it comes to making noises so they kids stumble. I think the Seal was the biggest winner of them all.

Craft: Hippo paper bag puppet — a big hit! I had them all come up and talk to my puppet with their puppets after they were done.

storytime – ducks!

Come Along, Daisy by Jane Simmons — My first time reading this for storytime. I had the kids help with Mama Duck’s “Come Along, Daisy!” line. They seemed to enjoy that. This was a hit.

Little Quack by Lauren Thompson — Another first for me. Kept the older kid’s attention when I asked them to count the ducks, but the little guys lost interest since counting to five is still pretty tricky for them. Plus, the older kids would just yell out “2 DUCKS!” but the little kids needed me to count with them. Just have to be prepared to do that next time. Maybe a flannel board version of this book would work best.

SONG: Six Little Ducks by Raffi — I had the kids stand up and we flapped our duck “wings” and waddled while this song played, then during the “quack quack quack” part, we said it out loud and made “ducks” with our hands.

Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic — I think this might have been a little to old for my crowd. This is a better lap book than storytime. The older kids were keeping up but it lost most of the little guys.

The Ducklings Gets a Cookie?! by Mo Willems — Probably would have been more effective if I had the pigeon puppet…these are always fun to read but the little were getting wiggly and I had one wander up and grab a toy from behind me and it threw off my reading groove.

SONG/FINGERPLAY: Five Little Ducks — I had Mama Duck get a little cranky by the end, it brought some LOLs from the kids and parents.

Ducks Don’t Wear Socks by John Nedwidek — Probably should have ended it with the fingerplay, but I really wanted to give this book a try! The kids that could still sit still enjoyed it but by this far into the storytime, most of them had a case of the wiggles!

CRAFT: Duck in a Pond (duck cutout, paper plate, popsicle stick)