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Preschool Early Literacy Storytime: DINOSAURS!

Through some crazy random happenstance, I have somehow become an “early literacy specialist” and instead of doing 8 storytimes a year I’m doing them every week…forever. It’s been an interesting experience to say the least. Right now, having survived the first six months doing this, I am finally together enough to gather up old storytimes and modify them to fit the Early Literacy model. I recently updated my Dinosaurs storytime and it was a HUGE hit! I googled around and found lots of great suggestions for how to make the plan for EL friendly. This is one I will definitely come back to each year.

This early literacy storytime is geared towards preschool aged children, ages 3-5 years old. If you drop a few of the books, you can easily modify this to be a toddler age program.

I always open my programs with a clapping song I learned way back in my first storytime training “Clap Along With Me”. For added fun, I look for a puppet with “hands” and tell the children that my puppet’s soft hands don’t work for clapping and he needs their help! Works every time! After we finish that, I do a quick Open Shut Them to get the wiggles out of our fingers and then start the stories.

Get the whole storytime plan here:

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