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things donated and things left behind

I love finding bookmarks in returned books and donated items, especially creative things like drawings or notes to yourself. This afternoon, I was going through donated teen books and I found this stuck inside a random fantasy novel:


You see, this isn’t just any movie ticket. This was really important to our reader. They didn’t just use the ticket, no they mounted it to a index card and taped it down to protect it. I wonder what the story is behind Hellboy II…was it a first date with a cute boy/girl? Maybe their first PG-13 movie? Or was July of 2008 just the best summer ever? Or maybe they just REALLY LOVE HELLBOY?

Along those same lines, buried in a box of LEGOs donated to the library was this half of a necklace:


The chain it was attached to had clearly snapped and it made me sort of sad to find this forgotten among the toys, probably discarded years ago into the bin and now Mom & Dad had decided to give the LEGOs to the library, not knowing this was still inside. I wonder who has the other half and if they still care?

So check those pages before you return your books to the library and maybe empty the box of books and toys before you donate them…just in case…you don’t want to leave a memory behind.