Coming soon – adventures in library promotion: Annapolis Comic-Con

Annapolis Comic-Con June 29

So, this Saturday, I get to attend the local Comic-Con as a representative of the library!

I’m actually pretty excited. Not only will I be paid to attend a convention, these are my people! I can’t wait to share information about the library with them. I feel like this is a group, probably tech savvy, who might not know about the different services we offer for free. And I’m not just talking about the free comic books (which we have) or the fact that we take part in events like Star Wars Reads Day – I’m talking about the plethora of digital services they could access from home, without having to step foot into a library (well, maybe once to get the card).

I found our library “mascot” today and decided I would make him a superhero costume to wear to the event and hopefully get some cosplayers to snap photos with him. I am also going to attempt my first “live-tweeting” on behalf of the library while I am there (@aacpl)

We are even listed on the guests page, which just cracks me up!

Wish me luck! I hope to update again after the event! 🙂


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